New Hampshire PDMP



Under  Section 318:B33 of the Controlled Drug Prescription Health and Safety Program (NH PDMP), all prescribers and dispensers authorized to prescribe or dispense schedule II-IV controlled substances within the state shall be required to register with the program. Only registered prescribers and dispensers (and their delegates) shall be eligible to access the program.

Once registered with the program, providers and pharmacists will be able to query their patients using the PDMP database and review any control history they may have prior to prescribing or dispensing controlled substances. We strongly encourage providers and pharmacists to utilize the NH PDMP as a tool to help:

  • provide patients better care in managing their health and prescriptions
  • promote public health and safety through the prevention and treatment for misuse and abuse of controlled substances
  • and to assist in the reduction of the diversion of controlled substances.


All system users must apply individually. This includes healthcare providers, pharmacists, and their staff applying as delegates. Access is granted to individuals only—not to clinics, hospitals, pharmacies or any other health care facility. For additional information, please see the PDMP User Guide.

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