New Hampshire PDMP



“Dispenser” means a person who is lawfully authorized to deliver a Schedule II, III, or IV controlled substance, but does not include the following:

  • A licensed hospital pharmacy that dispenses for administration in the hospital
  • A practitioner or other authorized person who administers such a substance
  • A wholesale distributor of a Schedule II, III, or IV controlled substance or its analog.

Beginning September 1, 2016, each dispenser shall submit the required information in accordance with the transmission methods and frequency established by the program no later than 24 hours from the date the prescription was dispensed.
Dispensers will be required to submit six (6) months of retroactive data going back to March 1, 2014. Dispensers will have until November 30, 2014 to submit retroactive data.


Note: The program may issue a waiver to a dispenser that is unable to submit prescription information by electronic means. Such waiver may permit the dispenser to submit prescription information by paper form or other means, provided all required information is submitted in this alternative format and within the established time frame. The pharmacy must notify the program in writing of the need for an electronic reporting waiver. If you would like the waiver, please e-mail the NH PDMP Program Manager, Michelle Ricco Jonas, at


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